Friendly vs Mobile Responsive

Mobile Friendly & Mobile Responsive?

Health practices and all small businesses are currently being bombarded by web design companies telling them that their practice website is out of date and needs to be made mobile responsive. I would like to explain the difference here between mobile responsive and mobile friendly and why it is SO important to ensure that your practice website is both.

Mobile responsive means that your health website views correctly on all 3 devices  – tablets, pc’s and smartphones. It is a bit like children’s bricks that are stacked one on top of the other – that is how your design is configured when the same website is viewed on a smartphone – the bricks stack themselves one underneath the other.

No one should have to pinch and enlarge a screen which is what happens with a non-mobile responsive outdated website.

Why have a mobile responsive site?

Google has begun penalising any site that does not view properly on a smartphone. Last year 35% of all web browsing took place on a mobile device; this year the figure has already risen to 65%; and so next year we are looking at 75/85%?!

To appear high up in the rankings and to give your visitors a pleasant browsing experience on your practice website, it must be mobile responsive.

So what is mobile friendly?

Mobile friendly means that you have a mobile user –  usually someone on the move – (hopefully not driving!) who uses their thumb to scroll quickly wanting to get their information fast.  Mobile friendly sites must offer them a Tap to Phone Us function ie phone numbers with a direct dial facility.

A short easy register online form (for data collection) should also be easily accessible as well as proper directions, or a function to enter your current address and be taken straight to the practice on Google maps. Everything is done at speed and users have to be given sharp instructions with large visible ‘thumb accessible’ buttons.

Mobile friendly sites will rank very highly with Google as you are offering an excellent user experience.

If you want to find out if your health practice website is mobile friendly or not, use one of Google’s many tests


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