A30 referrals Penmellyn Vets Cornwall


Colin Whiting requested a dedicated website for the referral section of Penmellyn Veterinary Group – A30 Referrals. This was set up working together with Colin in 2015.


To set up a new website using WordPress. It was easy to reflect the high standards and wonderful reputation that Colin has in the South East and beyond and promote his work.

A Blog was set up straight away with case studies added from the Facebook page directly into the Blog. Each post is search engine optimised, so Colin is able to search for a particular case on the site with the client or referring vet in the room; and have the particular case and its procedure visible on his computer with images and text.

An online referral form was set up and this has proved very popular;  with Colin now so busy with referral surgery,  that he struggles to find time to keep his monthly Blog updated that he sends to me to post on the site!

“We’ve worked with Arielle since 2012. She revitalised our original website completely.

Each time that we’ve asked for new ventures and projects, she has delivered rapidly, skilfully, knowledgeably and completely.

Our online presence reflects our business brilliantly. We have regular updates and posts, case studies and blogs, and it all looks extremely professional.”

Colin Whiting

Director, A30 Referrals Penmellyn Veterinary Group Ltd


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